"Doing Love"

Nafri, a follower of Christ is always admired by those close to him; in the family environment, work environment, and in community life.

Nafri has a number of helpers from the area. Nafri has five units of an elite class of cars and luxury villas in the Peak area - West Java.

Nafri - in a busy routine always found time to join groups of Pilgrimage in the country, and sometimes abroad.

Finally, Nafri died of a heart attack, Nafri went to the Creator by not carrying anything.At the entrance gate, Nafri met with St. Peter. Peter took time (because it\'s his job, Peter) drove Nafri around - through special housing, which, when on earth prices ranging from one billion. Every time he passed the house - the house, Nafri asked Peter: \"Is this house / it for me?\" And Peter always answer the same \"not for you!\" Finally, they arrived at the air-type housing --- Houses RSSSSS very and it is very simple and pain-and so on. Peter then said to Nafri (pointing to a house in front of them) \"This house for you!\" Jump, Nafri shouted with emotion: \"No way, building the house was supposed to be for me. On earth, I have a seven-story mansion, Villa-paced and 7 special. No way, I do not want and can not accept it. Peter replied calmly: \"Nafri, Nafri ... ... .. ! Nafri must accept this as your own home! Because we build here, in accordance with building materials that are sent from the earth. And building this house, we have built for you in accordance with building materials Nafri been sent from the earth.

Next, turning Nafri asked Peter \"luxury houses, which we passed earlier, belongs to whom? Peter said: Some of mansions that belonged to my servant. \"

Nafri began nodding sign of regret! Peter said \"No point is too late.\"

Well, brothers and sisters beloved. At one point, he saw the crowds gathered at the foot of a hill terrain. Then Jesus went up on the hill and sat there, Jesus began to speak: \"... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. instead of crying out to me \'Lord, Lord! will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who doeth the Will of my Father in heaven .... \"(Matt. 5: 1-2; 7:21).

Doing the will of my Father is the love of neighbor, as Jesus himself had taught and make it happen in concrete deeds. It is clearly visible in Jesus\' answer to the question of John the Baptist sent two of his disciples through to Jesus: \"Go and tell John what you hear and see: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear , the dead are raised, and the poor are given good news. \"(Matthew 11:4-5). Jesus\' action comes from his heart full of compassion at the sight of people being shackled by the disease or certain situations, which require the release, the love of Jesus is so great that the limitations and helplessness situation they are not a barrier for Jesus to act. Unconditional love of Jesus. This act of Jesus\' loving someone and we just freed from a bondage of any nature, real-fact are binding on us.

Well, as disciples of Jesus, we too are required to do and share the love with does not account for everything and if we share the love without expecting anything, it means we have to emulate the attitude of Jesus who loved us first completely.

The wise words: \"I can not live today, if I do not give something to someone who would not reciprocate.\" Said the sage, reinforced by the words of Jesus himself: \"Actually, everything you do or not do to one of the least of these my brethren, ye have or do not do it for me \"(Matt. 25: 40 and 45). Let us vying to do the love, and not just pray and talk about love.

Hope & hopefully

By: Pastor Gabriel maing, OFM