By: Br. S. Sukartanto OFM. (Treasurer PA. Vitra)

"Here was a child, who has five barley loaves and two fishes: but what are they among so many?" (Jn 6:9). That answers the students in their nervousness when tested by Jesus. They were restless and anxious to see how many people were listening to Jesus, while the night has arrived and is not likely send them home. And he even said that they who have to feed so many people. After asking here and there, they discovered there was a small child who has a stock of five barley loaves and two fish. In their minds there arose a doubt whether the provision of children only as much as it can meet the needs of the many people eat it. But it turns out that the number looks small enough to eat your fill as many as 5,000 people (only men are counted, not including children and women). In fact, after the count is calculated, there was still some 12 baskets. God sufficient for many people it is through the medium of the five barley loaves and two fish are powered by small children.

If you look at Vincentius Putera Orphanage with a 300-residents (including employees), sense-it seems we are also faced with the situation faced by the disciples earlier. It seems impossible that we could meet the needs of all residents for food (U.S. $ 2.1 million, - per day, not including rice), educational needs for children (Rp 500.000, - / month / child), not to mention the need for treatment facilitiesinfrastructure and others. Of course it is impossible if we only rely on our strength as human beings. But if God himself who maintain and menyelenggarakannya seemed the impossible had become impossible. For us, you like a little boy who offered "bread and fish" to be multiplied by God. For us, "loaves and fishes" that you provide to us, either in the form of rice, cooking oil, green bean and black sticky rice (raw materials Mung Bean Porridge regular menu every Sunday morning), bath equipment, stationery, either cash or brought directly to a home or transferred through a bank, it is a realization of God's miracles that occur every day.

We are very grateful to you who regularly sends "loaves and fishes". Your loyalty to calm our hearts are like the disciples worried how to provide food for many children."The bread and fish" are delivered to incidental also be a "surprise" for us like surprisenya people who gathered around him saw the miracle that made him; a surprise because it came just when we are in need of school fees of children who do not little or arise when we are in need of child care costs at the Hospital. Our hearts filled with compassion when I saw the sincerity and good intentions you are like the little boy held out his hand and said, "This is all we have."

There is one interesting experience that disharingkan by P. Gabriel, director of our orphanage. He received an anonymous envelope containing the cash cost kirimnya (via TIKI) the same or even more than its contents. It\'s almost more setahunan he received an envelope containing money wrapped in layers of paper. Per-HEART-an (sincerity and good faith and loyalty) donors that deeply touched his heart. Donors are like a kid who offered his lunch alone what it is to be multiplied by God Himself.

For us, whatever form and whatever the number of "bread and fish" you reached out to us, much appreciated because it is God's way of meeting the needs of children living in this orphanage. For it on behalf of children, we thank you as he abundantly haturkan apologize if there has been of you who have not tersapa in the expression of our gratitude through the letter. God Bless.