The Lazy Parrot and His Fate

Vincentius Putera Orphanage
By: Juventus 1st Grade SMP

A long time before humans are created in animals will live in harmony and peace, animals fill the earth and can talk.
One day God sent an angel came to preach the word.

\"Animals gathered together!, I will preach the message that God would create a smart man, man will use the language that you use today, so I beg you to look for language each of you. I\'ll be back again next 7 days hopefully get the \"news reported by the angels.

Earth was noisy because the news was confused animals, but animals are very relaxed one, namely parrots. Parrots is a naughty and lazy birds, although he had heard the news but he was still relaxed and lazy.

On the first day, parrots are flying to find food it saw the goat has found its voice.

\"Baa, baa, baa I finally get my voice\" like a goat.

\"Hueheheheheheh huahahahahahahah\" laughed parrots.

\"Why are you laughing parrot?\" Asked the goat

\"Goat hahahahahahah very funny voice\" parrot replied laughing.

Parrot was gone, he is still lazy. Day was changed, on this second day of parrots intend to hear the animals who have earned their voice. By the time he flew he met with a cat.

\"Meow, meow, meow\" cats answered.

\"Like how the parrot voice,\" asked the cat.

\"SECRET\" parrot replied.

Beopun go kesarangnya after laughing at a lot of sounds of other animals, haripun passed, now it is day 5, he flew for foraging suddenly met with a monkey.

\"Uu aa, aa uu, uu aa\" monkey sounds.

\"Hahahahaah\" parrots laughed loudly on a branch.

\"Hey, why are you laughing parrot?\" Asked the monkey.

\"Of all the votes have my voice heard yours is the funniest\" replied the parrot.

\"Go you\'re a troublemaker\" angry monkey.

Finally this day to the 7 angels came and wanted to hear the sound of each animal.

\"Now I will ask you vote each, how your voice goat?\" Asked the angel.

\"Baa, baa, baa\" said the goat.

\"Nice voice nice goat, now you know how a cat?\" Asked the angel again.

\"Meow, meow, meow\" for cats.

Wow so funny, you monkey? \"Asked the angel to the monkey.

\"Uu aa, aa uu, uu aa\" replied the monkey.

\"Your voice is very nice monkey, well you parrot?\" Asked the angel.

\"Baa, baa, baa\" replied the parrot.

\"Eeeeeh my voice was\" angry goat.

\"Meow, meow, meow\" replied the parrot again.

\"My voice was\" angry cat.

\"Uu aa, aa uu, uu aa\" replied the parrot again.

\"Parrots my voice\" angry monkeys to parrots.
\"Excuse me angel, I could not find my voice, I was too naughty, I\'m laughing at their voices.\" Begged forgiveness parrots to the angel.

\"I gave you parrot is within 7 days still have not found your voice, as a result you do not have a voice. Therefore you will imitate sounds of other animals \"angry angel.
\"Let angels forgive me\" please parrots.

\"Now God has created man, and from now on you also you use the language of each\" Angel said.

Until now also parrots are imitating the voices of others, and therefore announcing parrots has given us to use your time well do not be in vain it and also let us not laugh at other people first see our own condition.