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Pondok Si Boncel Orphanage was established to specifically take care of orphaned children who are still under the age of 7 (seven) years.

At first Pondok Si Boncel Orphanage was founded in Jl. Raden Saleh Raya No. 7 in 1972, but due to capacity limitations parlors, on 1 April 1981 Orphanage Pondok Si Boncel moved to a new complex in Pasar Minggu Srengseng Rice. Therapeutic management is entrusted entirely to the Sisters Dominikanes (OP).

The Sisters do not just care for and accompany the children, but also concerned with the education that must be obtained in particular children start formal education or basic level is Kindergarten.

As a first step Orphanage Pondok Si Boncel provide lessons and activities such as TK in general. This activity is conducted in one room of the orphanage where the children used to play when it is raining because the procurement of Kindergarten at the Orphanage Pondok Si Boncel hit the fund.

Little by little the funds collected from the various parties concerned with the education of children orphanage, then in 1983 TK Si Boncel established specifically to accommodate children's orphanage and on July 15, 1985 TK The official Boncel accept children from outside the orphanage.

Here are the names Chairman Orphanage Pondok Si Boncel who ever worked at Perhimpunan Vincentius Jakarta:

Year 1972 – 1978   Sr. M. Engelina Hendriksen OP
Year 1978 – 1998 Sr. M. Angelica Amirin OP
Year 1998 – 2002 Sr. M. Immaculata OP
Year 2002 – 2007 Sr. M. Christiana OP
Year 2007 – 2008 Sr. M. Philomina OP
Year 2008 – 2010 Sr. M. Selestina Raben OP
Year 2010 – 2014 Sr. M. Philomina OP
Year 2010 – Now Sr. Thomasine OP